We are Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy

On September 1, Legal Services of Southern Piedmont will mark 50 years of pursuing justice for those in need in the Charlotte area. We plan to celebrate in a variety of ways in the coming months, and we hope you will join us. In addition to celebrating this milestone in September, Legal Services of Southern Piedmont will update its brand – including changing its name to:
The decision to change our name came after a lengthy process of asking the community, our stakeholders, volunteers and supporters how we can better serve those in need.Overwhelmingly, the response was that we should continue the work we are doing, expanding our services when possible to help more people in the Charlotte region. This process also made us realize just how little the broader community knows about what we do. The direction was clear.
We believe that by changing our name and rebranding, we will position our organization to meet the challenges of the next 50 years with an identity that directly reflects our work and dedication to serving this community. We intend to be more visible so that more people can know that we are a resource and seek our services.While the name, logo and tagline, “justice lives here.” are new, we will not change our commitment to pursuing justice for those in need through expert legal representation and systemic advocacy on behalf of people in crisis.
And as we make this change and grow into our new identity, our work is more critically important now than ever.
Our organization would not be where it is today without the ardent support we have counted on over the last 50 years. We head into the next half century striving to realize our vision of a community that is just, fair and empowering to every one of its residents.
You can help us get there.
Continue to be our champions by participating in the events around our 50th anniversary and introducing others in the community to our organization.Thank you for supporting and believing in our mission of pursuing justice.
Kenneth L Schorr
Executive Director
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