2015 Pro Bono Honor Roll

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The joint Mecklenburg Access to Justice Pro Bono Partners Program of Legal Services of Southern Piedmont and Legal Aid of North Carolina-Charlotte is pleased to recognize our committed pro bono attorneys who donated at least 20 hours of pro bono service or closed three or more pro bono cases for our clients in the prior calendar.

Congratulations and thank you to the dedicated legal professionals listed below. Each of you has played a key role in helping our agencies provide access to justice to low-income clients in our community.

Amanda W. Abshire *

Stephen D. Allred

Carter Arey

Andrew D. Atkins

Cynthia A. Aziz

Fitz E. Barringer *

Larissa M. Bixler Stein

Sara C. Brown

Barry S. Burke

William M. Butler

Jon P. Carroll

Cameron Caudle Jr. *

Mercer Cauley

Gerard M. Chapman

Kimberly N. Cochran *

Winstona D. Cole

Richard H. Connor III

Michael J. Crook

Matthew H. Crow

Heather W. Culp *

Karen G. Darlington Phelps

Kevin L. Denny

Adam K. Doerr

Anne Marie Dooley

Ahmad M. Elkhouly

Meghan D. Engle

William L. Esser IV *

John A. Fagg Jr

Jordan G. Forsythe

Anita M. Foss

Thomas E. Fulghum

Joanna M. Gaughan

Christian K. Glista

Kimberly A. Gossage

Joshua K. Green

Robert J. Hahn

Ariel E. Harris *

Patrick Hatch

Christopher A. Hicks *

Thomas P. Holderness *

Katherine Holliday

Arthur L. Howson III *

Martha Glenn Huether

Walter T. Hutchinson

Breana C. Jeter

Amy K. Johnson

Junine K. Johnson

Kristen J. Kenley

Douglas H. Kim

Mark W. Kinghorn

Katherine M. Kliebert

Bradley R. Kutrow

Timothy P. Lendino *

Hannah F. Little

Andres Lopez

Andrew F. Lopez

Matthew A. Mannering

Jasmine C. Marchant *

Michael L. Martinez

John G. McDonald

Jeremy L. McKinney

Thomas E. McNeil *

Richmond McPherson III

Steven Meier

Elizabeth Murphy

Tin T. Nguyen

Nancy B. Norelli

Lara S. Nichols

Sheila G. Passenant

Charles A. Phipps

Beth S. Posner *

Nader S. Raja *

Garry S. Rice

John W. Rockers

Melissa A. Romanzo *

Donna P. Savage

Kevin Schroeder

Marie C. Shea *

Michael C. Shearman

Benjamin A. Snyder

Julie C. Spahn

Randall Stroud

David A. Suzuki

John W. Totten II

Michelle R. Thompson

Alyson G. Traw

Leah B.  Trowbridge *

Brian P. Troutman

Joseph W. Trunzo

Philip A. Turtletaub

William J. Vasquez

Scott P. Vaughn

Landis Wade Jr

Ann L. Warren *

John R. Wester

William A. White

Leigh Anne Williams

Daniel R. Wohlberg

Nancy M. Wright

Heather M. Ziemba

Angela H. Zimmern *

Robert P. Zuniga

* Attorneys who have fulfilled the requirements of NC Rule of Professional Conduct 6.1 and have completed 50 or more hours of pro bono service this year