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Veterans Hotline: 704-808-4144

Of the more than 55,000 veterans living in Mecklenburg County, 8,000 are estimated to live with a service-related disability with a growing number of both younger and elderly veterans being identified as unemployed or homeless. Benefit claims often take significant time and effort to resolve, and cases may also involve complex procedures and evidence that require assistance to fully understand. Our staff is dedicated to providing veterans with the aid that is needed to build security for veterans and their families.

Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy’s legal assistance for veterans serves low-income veterans and veterans’ families in Mecklenburg, Cabarrus and Union Counties who are seeking help with disability benefits claims and appeals, discharge upgrades, and over-payment issues, as well as additional civil legal matters, at little or no cost.

Our services focus on:

1. Outreach and education to veterans and their families about the benefits that are available to them, legal issues they may face, and the services Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy can offer

2. Core legal services consisting of advice and extended representation regarding veterans’ disability claims and appeals at the VA and the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

3. Additional legal services including advice and extended representation regarding civil legal issues such as consumer protection, unemployment law, housing, and tax.

Case work

  • Veteran disability claims and appeals
  • VA pension claims and appeals
  • Discharge upgrades
  • Overpayment issues
  • Military-related civil legal issues
  • Additional civil legal issues unrelated to military service

Community outreach

The Veterans Legal Services Project reaches out to local and regional veterans’ service organizations, including the Charlotte Bridge Home and Mecklenburg County Veterans Service Office, as part of our goal of serving veterans and the family members of veterans. Educational presentations on veteran benefits, legal issues and the services Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy offers are also available by contacting the number above.


Individuals and families living in Mecklenburg, Cabarrus and Union Counties with income below 300% of the federal poverty line may be eligible for assistance; however, due to limited resources, assistance may not be available in every case.

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