Tax Self-Help Resources

The following written self-help materials and videos are available, free of charge:


Visit the National Taxpayer Advocate’s Blog for more information about your rights and obligations as a taxpayer.

Visit the IRS’s online resource site to learn more about the new tax credits and provisions for individuals, families, companies and other organizations being implemented under the Affordable Care Act.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Libraries tax resources

A five-year infrastructure spending bill recently passed by Congress and signed by President Obama included a provision allowing private debt collectors to collect unpaid IRS taxes. Know your rights; this article discusses what these private debt collectors can and cannot do, and what your rights are.

Written Materials

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Western North Carolina Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (English)
El Programa para los Contribuyentes de Ingreso Bajo del Oeste de Carolina del Norte (Español)

- Do You Owe the IRS? (English)
¿Le Debe al IRS? (Español)

Earned Income Tax Credit (English)
Crèdito por Ingreso del Trabajo (Español)

Child Tax Credit (English)
Crèdito Tributario por Hijo (Español)

Injured Spouse Claim (English)
Reclamación de Cónyuge Agraviado (Español)

Innocent Spouse Relief (English)
Alivio del Cónyuge Inocente (Español)



Below is a sample of videos presenting important tax information, assistance and tips. For additional videos from the Taxpayer Advocate Service click here.

IRS Collection Alternatives Earned Income Tax Credit

Have You Been A Victim of Identify Theft? Understanding Installment Agreements

 Understanding IRS Levies  Understanding IRS Liens

Understanding Offers in Compromise Do You Owe Taxes But Can’t Pay?
(Video Includes Spanish Subtitles)

Have You Received a Letter
from the IRS?
Crédito Tributario por Ingreso del Trabajo

Entendiendo El Sistema de Impuestos de los Estados Unidos