Susan - Taxpayer Clinic

Susan* had helped her husband run his small business for a number of years when she learned that he had failed to file several years’ tax returns. Confusion about what the IRS required of her and how she could avoid liability for her husband’s tax debts only made the problem bigger, and soon every facet of Susan’s life was affected by her overwhelming debt. The couple separated soon after, but Susan was still receiving letters every week threatening her income and home. All of her attempts to resolve the issue failed, and she eventually lost her home to foreclosure. Her life was controlled by a sense of dread and alienation.

“I didn’t have any support, and the problems were snowballing, affecting all aspects of my life,” Susan says. “I was fearful every day of what was going to happen.”

In 2005, Susan brought her case to a LSSP attorney who believed he could convince the IRS to grant her innocent spouse relief. He helped her handle the complex paperwork and navigate the federal tax system in ways she could not have done herself. Earlier this year, after more than six years of administrative appeals, a Tax Court case and multiple requests for relief, Susan was cleared of responsibility for her husband’s tax liabilities. Now free of her tax crisis, Susan is able to begin the recovery process and take back her life.

“Working with LSSP gave me hope,” Susan says. “They were a godsend to me. I don’t know what I would have done without LSSP’s diligence, compassion and dedication to my case. I was finally able to get that weight lifted off my shoulders, and that worry is no longer with me.”


*Name has been changed to protect identity.