Safe Release Support Program

LSSP operates one of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service’s Safe Release Support Program sites for potential custodians of unaccompanied immigrant children. When unaccompanied immigrant children are detained, they are transferred from the care of immigration officials to the care of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, Division of Unaccompanied Children Services (ORR/DUCS). The unaccompanied children are placed in ORR shelters where case workers attempt to identify relatives or potential custodians for the children so they can be released from federal custody while awaiting their immigration hearings. Once a relative or potential custodian is found for the unaccompanied child, the relative or custodian is fingerprinted as a part of the process to determine if the custodian poses a risk to the child. It is critical that unaccompanied immigrant children go to appropriate caregivers that will provide them with safe homes and care for their well-being. The Safe Release Support Program collaborates with ORR/DUCS to ensure that this placement takes place properly.

Potential custodians of unaccompanied immigrant children who need to be fingerprinted or need assistance filling out the ORR/DCS Family Reunification Packet should contact Hector Campuzano at 704-971-2599 or