The Nowell Family

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On his way back to college in April 2011, Grant Nowell suffered several gunshot wounds as the victim of a robbery. Despite his doctors’ expectations, he lived through the traumatic experience but was left in a vegetative state with an anoxic brain injury, requiring around-the-clock care in his everyday life. His father is a truck driver, and his mother, who works part-time at a local hospital, became her 18-year-old son’s primary caretaker. Due to Grant’s extensive injuries, he required professional care from a licensed nurse 12 hours a day. However, this care was nearly taken away from him when he turned 21 in June 2013. After being denied their request for the continued care Grant critically needed to prevent institutionalization, Grant’s parents came to LSSP’s Family Support and Health Care Program. Staff attorney Madison Hardee aided the family in appealing the decision to end Grant’s care and helped them secure 100 hours a week of in-home care for Grant. Now Grant is able to stay at home with his family and receive the skilled care he needs to maintain his physical and emotional health.

“Grant was a good person, just a typical boy. He had a track scholarship to UNCC. Everyone loved Grant,” his mother says. “The accident was hard enough on us; the thought of putting Grant somewhere was just not an option. It’s so much better for us to be together in our home as a family. Without Madison, I wouldn’t have gotten these results. Winning the appeal allows Grant to stay at home and will help with his progress. It’s been a joy to be able to keep him here.”