The Amari Family - Medicaid


When the Amari* family came to LSSP, they were struggling to care for their four children as the youngest two lived with disabilities that required more care than their stay-at-home mother could provide on her own. Their daughter, 4, and son, 6, have been diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome, a condition that is linked to developmental issues and other disorders, and require extra care to perform daily activities. With their father working six days a week, the mother was stretched to her limit. The family’s native language of Arabic only made it more difficult for them to know what services were available to them and how to navigate the system alone.

After assessing the needs of the Amari family, a staff attorney in LSSP’s Family Support and Health Care Program helped them apply for in-home care services for their disabled children. When the family was wrongfully denied, the attorney represented them in mediation, and they were successful in getting 90% of the hours of service requested. Now, the Amari family’s children are receiving in-home care from nursing assistants every day to help with daily activities like bathing, eating, toileting and dressing. Their mother is now able to adequately care for all of her children while maintaining the safety and special needs of her children with disabilities.


* Name changed to protect identity