Margot Woods

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Margot Woods was born with cerebral palsy and has required special assistance with daily tasks her entire life. Recently, she earned her Master’s in Social Work and moved to North Carolina to be closer to her family. She soon began using her new education and volunteering in the community by serving others who lived with disabilities like herself. However, after moving to Charlotte, she wasn’t able to access the critical assistance she needed to stay in her family’s home. Since she requires specialized help with her daily activities, like getting out of bed, bathing and eating, Margot was at risk of being institutionalized and taken from her family’s home without adequate hours of in-home health services. That’s when Margot came to Legal Services of Southern Piedmont, and its Family Support and Health Care Program stepped in and appealed for more hours of in-home care for Margot. After several months of negotiation and hearings, Margot was awarded the essential hours and is now able to stay at home with her family and continue volunteering in the community.

“It made such an impact on my life that I will never be able to repay LSSP for helping me the way it did, because it made me able to stay at home and be with my family, which was of paramount importance to me,” Margot said.

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