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For many families struggling to become self-sufficient, their wellbeing is dependent on maintaining access to benefits that offer health, food and income security. But for some, including disabled, elderly and non-English speaking persons, obstacles can hinder access to critical services and benefits.

LSSP’s health care and public benefits assistance seeks to ensure that low-income children, the elderly, disabled persons, immigrants and their families have fair access to vital health care and public services.

Our services focus on:

1. Accessing quality health care for children and their parents in low- and moderate-income families through Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program and implementation of health reform

2. Assisting families on welfare, formerly on welfare, or in danger of needing welfare in becoming or remaining self-sufficient by improving access to child support enforcement, quality child care, higher education, training, transportation, treatment of substance abuse, Food Stamps, the Earned Income Tax Credit and other tax benefits, Medicaid, WorkFirst, and other supportive services, including accommodations of disabilities

3. Improving health care and income support for the disabled and elderly poor, with a focus on issues involving Social Security, SSI, Medicaid, Medicare, and on improving mental health and developmental disability services, care in nursing and rest homes, access to community-based care, services to the HIV-positive population, and managed care

Case work

Medicaid       Medicare
Child care assistance       Children’s Health Insurance Program
Child support enforcement       Employment supportive services
Social Security       Supplemental Security Income
Work First Family Assistance       Quality nursing & rest home care
Veterans benefits       Mental health services
Food Stamps (SNAP)       Access to health care & health insurance
Home & community services       Developmental disability services


Systemic Advocacy & Community Outreach

The program represents individuals and families who contact the program for assistance and utilizes systemic advocacy strategies to change the rules, procedures and practices of federal and state agencies to ensure access to health care and public services for all affected persons. The Family Support and Health Care program has a strong collaborative relationship with local and state agencies.

Learn more about our efforts to Expand Medicaid in North Carolina

Technical Assistance

LSSP assists legal services and other advocates throughout the state providing ongoing training, individual assistance, and co-counseling to advocates throughout North Carolina on a broad range of issues in public benefits and health care. Contact Doug Sea at for more information.


The program focuses on representation of Mecklenburg County residents who earn less than 200% of the federal poverty standard but also accepts referrals from all counties in western NC in the priority areas above to the extent resources permit and LSSP is the most appropriate legal representative.

Client Stories

Navigating the Gap: Tim

Navigating the Gap: Penelope


Geraldine – Medicaid Appeal

The Amari Family – Medicaid

Sarah – Social Security

The Nowell Family


Self-Help Resources

Access health care and public benefits self-help resources here.