Dorothy - Identity Theft

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Since 2011, Dorothy Brown was hounded weekly by collectors for loans in her name that she never took out.  Elderly, home-bound and living off a small income, she learned she had become the victim of an identity thief who used her account information and social security number to accrue nearly $30,000 in debt under Ms. Brown’s name. After the thief drained her small savings account and maxed out the home equity line she used to meet her living expenses, she was left with nothing but bills she could not pay and faced losing the house she had lived in for 40 years.


LSSP helped Ms. Brown negotiate with the banks and stores the thief had created accounts with, convincing them to cancel the debts and credit nearly $19,000 back into her line of equity. LSSP was able to give Ms. Brown back her means of survival, allowing her to stay in her home and meet her daily needs.


“Identity theft took everything away, but LSSP listened and helped me with my problems,” Ms. Brown said. “It was a good feeling to know that someone was helping. They gave me peace of mind.”