Presidential Action on Immigration


LSSP applauds the recent executive action taken by the President; it is a much needed step to stabilize many immigrants and protect immigrant families. Ultimately, these actions will strengthen our community and benefit North Carolina as much of this vulnerable population is able to come forward and lawfully participate in our economy. Through the lives of our immigrant clients and their families, we bear witness to the broken immigration system. LSSP welcomes the President’s action for our nation and the individuals it will impact.

For low-income and indigent immigrant families, the biggest impact of the President’s action will be the extension of Deferred Action to the immigrant parents of U.S. citizen children and lawful permanent residents. The opportunity for these parents to live without the fear of removal and to legally work will be a positive step towards alleviating poverty within our community and fighting the exploitation of a whole class of workers.

LSSP also anticipates the benefit of the expansion of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that aids young adults brought to the U.S. illegally as children. This program has already eliminated the fear of deportation for many children in our community and given them the ability to work and create a more stable life. This has led to an environment where entire families are more secure and more connected in our community.

Real people’s lives will be made more secure and more hopeful.

Real families will have a fair chance to remain together.

These are tangible changes that will only strengthen and support our community.

LSSP is working with local and statewide partners to address the impact that this action will have on immigrants living in our state and community. We encourage those individuals and families who may benefit from this action to be aware of unscrupulous and fraudulent practices by individuals, often called “notarios,” claiming to offer legal assistance. The immigrant community should be aware of these risks and take necessary steps to avoid notario fraud.

The President’s action is a critical first step and will be significant in the lives of millions of immigrants living in and impacting our community. We must continue this work and continue to address broader immigration challenges.


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