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10.31.18 “Open Enrollment Begins Thursday” WFAE speaks to attorney and health insurance navigator Julieanne Taylor about what consumers can expect during the sixth year of Open Enrollment under changing policies.

10.30.18 “A Visa Program That Protected Domestic Violence Victims Is Now Putting Them At Risk of Deportation” BuzzFeed News speaks to immigration attorney Maureen Abell about the difficulty of assisting domestic violence survivors and victims of abuse under the Trump administration.

9.22.18 “Immigration crackdown makes women afraid to testify against abusers, experts warn” NBC Nightly News speaks to immigration attorney Lisa Diefenderfer and her client who was arrested by ICE officials at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse this summer while appearing for a domestic violence hearing against her abuser.

8.22.18 “Blue Cross Lowers Rates for Affordable Care Act Plans Across NC” WFAE spoke to Julieanne Taylor about what lower health insurance rates will mean for consumers in the Charlotte area.

8.7.18 “Experts Say Legal Immigrants Fearful to Sign Up for Federal Benefits” WCCB Charlotte features Louise Pocock talking about the upcoming changes to the “public charge” rule and the impact it will have on local immigrant families.

8.6.18 “As Court Backlog Grows, Immigrant Children Stuck in a Holding Pattern” WFAE features Hector Campuzano and the Immigrant Assistance Project at the Charlotte Immigration Court.

7.28.18 “Immigration lawyers, judges vexed by new Trump policies,” Salon spoke to Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy immigration attorney Maureen Abell for this piece on how the administration’s changing policies impact the ability to assist Charlotte’s immigrant community.

7.26.18 “Venn Diagram of B.S.” Hysteria Podcast (23:00) Discusses the case of a Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy client, who was arrested by ICE officials at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse.

7.25.18 “Inmigración arresta a madre mientras tramitaba su caso de violencia doméstica en corte” La Noticia

7.24.18 “Domestic Abusers Have an Ally in the Trump Era. It’s ICE” Huffington Post

7.23.18 “Mother And Son Involved In Domestic Violence Case Are At Risk Of Being Deported” NPR “All Things Considered”

“ICE Arrest At Domestic Violence Hearing Raises Concerns of a Chilling Effect” WFAE

7.22.18 “Immigration Agents Arrested An Undocumented Mom and Her Teenage Son Involved in Domestic Violence Case” BuzzFeed News

7.21.18 “ICE Arrested a Woman & Her Son When They Went to Court for a Domestic Violence Hearing” Bustle

“Mom Separated from Toddler After ICE Arrest Inside Mecklenburg Co. Courthouse” Spectrum News

7.20.18 “Mother and son turned up for a domestic-violence case. Then ICE arrested them.” Charlotte Observer

“ICE Detained Charlotte Mother, Son At Courthouse” WCCB Charlotte

“Charlotte community leaders speak out against ‘injustices’ committed by ICE” Fox 46

7.5.18 “New Immigration Policies Keep Unaccompanied Children In Shelters Longer” features Stefania Arteaga in this WFAE report on how recent policy changes have forced local families to choose between the risk of exposing their immigration statuses to the government and getting family members out of detention.

6.20.18 “Charlotte Non-Profit Readies for More Cases of Detained Children” Spectrum News speaks to Immigrant Justice attorney and director Becca O’Neill and legal advocate Stefania Arteaga on the impact the migrant crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border will have on Charlotte and the need for legal representation as released children are relocated to the area for immigration court proceedings.

4.16.18 “There are little-known property tax breaks for NC homeowners. Here’s who qualifies.” Community Redevelopment attorney Natalia Botella speaks to The Charlotte Observer on Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy is helping low-income seniors and people living with disabilities receive property tax relief, enabling them to continue living in their communities without getting priced out by gentrification.

1.31.18 “Advocates Work to End the Scourge of Domestic Violence in Charlotte” Immigration attorney Lisa Diefenderfer speaks to Creative Loafing about the impact federal policies on immigration enforcement are causing fear and uncertainty for domestic violence survivors seeking protection.

1.29.18 Becca O’Neill, director of Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy’s Immigrant Justice Program, speaks to Spectrum News about daily life for immigrants in Charlotte under current immigration enforcement policies — the subject of an upcoming event Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy is hosting Feb. 21 at First United Methodist Church.

1.3.18 “523,989 in NC Sign Up for Health Insurance through the Affordable Care Act” North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper recognizes Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy  for its enrollment efforts along with several organizations across North Carolina for helping consumers sign up for health insurance during a shorter enrollment period.

12.13.17 “Officials urge residents to apply for ACA coverage ahead of deadline” Health insurance navigator Elizabeth Garcia speaks to WSOC-TV about how residents need to sign up for health insurance in a shorter enrollment period for 2018.

12.11.17 “The Importance in Enrolling in the Affordable Care Act” Health insurance navigator Anna Henderson speaks to Ron Holland, of Praise 100.9 and Old School 105.3 radio about the importance in signing up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

“Buyer beware of ‘free’ health plans. It could cost you thousands.” Senior attorney for healthcare access Madison Hardee explains why meeting with a navigator is so important when selecting a health plan in a confusing health insurance market.

“Families dreaming of home ownership end up with heartbreak” As part of a national story on the potential dangers of contracts for deed, senior consumer protection attorney Leah Kane spoke to WSOC-TV to offer advice for consumers in North Carolina.

“Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy holds health care symposium” South Charlotte Weekly

“La inscripcion para la cobertura de salud se inicio el 1 de noviembre” Que Pasa Mi Gente

“‘Obamacare Enrollment’ signs across Charlotte posted illegally,” Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy attorney and health insurance navigator Julieanne Taylor speaks to WSOC-TV about where consumers can go to find free, in-person assistance to select health coverage during the 2018 open enrollment period.

“That scary letter about Obamacare? Here’s what it means” The Charlotte Observer speaks to Madison Hardee, senior attorney for healthcare access, about confusion surrounding the 2018 open enrollment period.

“Reductions in Federal Funding For Health Law Navigators Cut Unevenly” NPR, WFAE, Kaiser Health News features Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy attorney and health insurance navigator Julieanne Taylor who helped Ilia Henderson, also featured, sign up for health insurance. Taylor explains what NC consumers can expect during the 2018 open enrollment period.

“Obamacare isn’t dead. Here’s how much not having health insurance will cost you” The Charlotte Observer

“Open enrollment starts Nov. 1. Here’s how to get help in Charlotte” The Charlotte Observer speaks to health insurance navigator Louise Pocock about the upcoming open enrollment period.

“Obamacare abrira inscripciones” Hola Noticias

“Federal Cuts to ACA ‘Navigators’ Could Hurt Rural Areas” WFAE radio speaks to Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy attorney and health insurance navigator Julieanne Taylor on what N.C. consumers can expect during this year’s open enrollment period.

“Obamacare has been ‘very good’ for NC resident. But Trump action threatens health law.” The Charlotte Observer speaks to Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy client Liz Auten and attorney Madison Hardee about how federal policy changes around the Affordable Care Act could impact residents in the Charlotte area.

“Los 50 anos de Servicios Legales” Que Pasa Mi Gente

9.21.17 “Fundaciones de Carolina del Norte donan $170,000 para ayudar con renovaciones de DACA” La Noticia

“Casa nueva, tarea nueva” Hola Noticias features Oliver Merino, who joined Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy’s staff as a community advocate with the center’s Immigrant Justice Program.

“‘DACAmentados’ en carrera contra reloj” Hola Noticias: Oliver Merino, asistente del Centro de Apoyo Legal de Charlotte y uno de los líderes de Comunidad Colectiva, informó que llevarán a cabo dos clínicas migratorias de asistencia para los soñadores los días sábado 23 y domingo 24 de septiembre.

“NC Navigators Get Support,” North Carolina Health News

“Legal Advocacy Day of Service” Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy board president Todd Stillerman speaks to WBTV about the upcoming Legal Advocacy Day of Service as part of our 50th anniversary celebration.

“Thousands of DACA immigrants could lose protection under Trump” WCCB Charlotte speaks to Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy’s Oliver Merino about the worry and fear caused by the Trump administration’s decision to rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

“Morris Dees on resurgence of white supremacy: ‘We’ve come through this stuff before'” The Charlotte Observer features Morris Dees, keynote speaker at Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy’s 50th Anniversary Kick-Off Celebration

“Legal advocates celebrate 50 years of service” South Charlotte Weekly

“Small Budget Cut Deals Big Blow to Low-Income People in Need of Legal Assistance” WUNC Radio speaks to executive director Ken Schorr about the N.C. General Assembly’s sudden elimination of Access to Civil Justice funds in the state budget.

“Moore Blames Overzealous Lawyers for Legal Aid Money Cuts” U.S. News & World Report

“Migrants in surge fare worse in immigration court than other groups” Kathryn Coiner-Collier and Legal Services of Southern Piedmont’s Immigrant Assistance Project is featured in The Washington Post.


“Budget cuts legal aid for poor, but no explanation given” Executive director Ken Schorr is quoted in this WRAL article explaining the elimination of state funding for N.C.’s legal services programs in the budget adopted by the General Assembly last month.

“Budget cuts affect low-income people’ access to court” Executive director Ken Schorr is featured in the Greensboro News & Record explaining the elimination of state funding for N.C.’s legal services programs in the budget adopted by the General Assembly last month.


“Legislators could whack legal aid for the needy” This editorial from The Charlotte Observer features executive director Ken Schorr commenting on the elimination of funding for legal services programs in the budget adopted by the N.C. General Assembly.


“Here’s how health care costs could rise for half-million in NC under GOP health plan” The Charlotte Observer speaks to LSSP clients Lydia Roseboro and Consuella Harge on the potential impact health care policy change could have on North Carolinians.


“Charlotte Families Who Rely on Obamacare Protections Are Worried” Caroline Vandergriff of Spectrum News speaks to LSSP clients Harry and Lydia Roseboro, who share their concerns about getting health care they need under the new health plan.

“NC Bartender has arthritis and needs surgery. Here’s what Obamacare vote means to her.” The Charlotte Observer speaks to LSSP attorney Doug Sea on the negative impact the potential replacement to the Affordable Care Act could have on Charlotte residents and North Carolinians. LSSP client Sara Kelly Jones also shares her concerns over future access to healthcare under the new plan.


“In N.C., fears rise for parents who are undocumented immigrants. Here’s what they’re planning.” The Charlotte Observer speaks to LSSP attorney Heather Ziemba on how LSSP’s Immigrant Justice Program is helping immigrant families in Charlotte prepare for possible deportations.


Block Grants Would Strip Medicaid Coverage for Low Income North Carolinians Attorneys Doug Sea and Madison Hardee drafted this letter published in the North Carolina Medical Journal on the negative impacts of block grants and per capita cap structures on North Carolina’s Medicaid program.


“HHS Secretary Tom Price dodges on whether new health care plan is guaranteed to cover all Americans” LSSP client Martha Brawley is featured in an ABC News interview with Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price on the proposed ACA replacement bill.


“Millions Risk Losing Health Insurance in Republican Plan, Analysts Say” LSSP client Martha Brawley is featured in The New York Times coverage of the ACA replacement bill and its potential impact on consumers.


“North Carolinians have unanswered questions about ACA replacement” WSOC-TV features LSSP attorney Gelila Selassie and client Lana Rubright in coverage of ACA replacement bill and its potential impact on Charlotte.


“How It Felt When I Lost My Health Insurance” LSSP health insurance navigator Elizabeth Garcia shares her story of being uninsured in the Charlotte Agenda, explaining how her experience motivates her in efforts to help individuals understand what their options are for getting health insurance that fits their individual needs.


“Decenas de miles de latinos se han beneficiado con Obamacare” LSSP health insurance navigator Elizabeth Garcia speaks to Estrella TV about how the ACA is a lifeline for thousands who use it to afford the critical care they need, like LSSP client Hugo Ramos.

Elizabeth García, navegante del seguro de salud de LSSP, habla a Estrella TV acerca de cómo el ACA es un salvavidas para miles de personas que lo usan para pagar el cuidado crítico que necesitan, como el cliente de LSSP, Hugo Ramos.



“Consumers worry about what will happen after ACA repeal” The Charlotte Observer speaks to LSSP attorneys Doug Sea and Madison Hardee on the potential negative impacts that could result from repealing the Affordable Care Act without a similar policy to replace it on LSSP clients like Sara Kelly Jones and Lana Rubright.


“Denuncian riesgos si se revoca ‘Obamacare’” Hola Noticias covers LSSP’s #CoverageMatters event, hosted in partnership with the NC Justice Center to raise awareness of the need for continued access to affordable health care ahead of plans by Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act.


“What on Earth Are You Going to Do?” Consumers Navigate Obamacare Uncertainty WFAE story features LSSP health insurance navigator Julieanne Taylor and two LSSP clients, Darlene Hawes and Sara Kelly Jones


“La Realidad legal de las deportaciones de Trump” LSSP immigration attorney speaks to post-election concerns in Charlotte’s immigrant community and outlines how to be prepared in Hola Noticias


Despite Problems, ACA Plans under $100 available for some. Sign-Ups start Nov. 1 Madison Hardee clarifies what consumers can expect for open enrollment period for health insurance in the Charlotte Observer

Inicia periodo de inscripción a Obamacare LSSP health insurance navigator Elizabeth Garcia explains what consumers can expect for the upcoming open enrollment period for health insurance in Hola Noticias


“What to do about NC’s uninsured?” LSSP client Tim Messenger featured in a Charlotte Observer article outlining the the discussion around Medicaid expansion in NC


“Berger’s wrong about Medicaid expansion,” letter to the Editor by Madison Hardee in Charlotte Observer


Attorney Madison Hardee speaks to Politico about the creative approaches LSSP is using to help millennials enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace


LSSP Attorney Madison Hardee interviewed in the New York Times on Aetna’s decision to leave the Health Insurance Marketplace


LSSP Attorney Madison Hardee interviewed in The Charlotte Observer’s article on Aetna’s decision to leave the Health Insurance Marketplace


“Servicios Sociales puede ofrecerle beneficios” en Hola Noticias

“Recuerdan ‘registro especial’ para aplicar a Obamacare” en Hola Noticias

LSSP Attorney Atenas Burrola interviewed in The Charlotte Observer’s article on immigrant families arrested by ICE in Charlotte

LSSP Attorney Atenas Burrola featured in Creative Loafing article on Levine Museum “Which Way Home: Refugees in Charlotte” panel

LSSP Attorney Director Arthur Bartlett featured in Times-News from participation in IRS community forum in Hendersonville

LSSP Board President Bill Farthing stands up for representation for young children in immigration court in this Charlotte Observer op-ed

LSSP Attorney Madison Hardee featured in Charlotte Observer article on Medicaid reform public hearing in Huntersville standing up for Medicaid expansion with partners

Military Mondays programs expand across the country, including LSSP’s project in N.C.

LSSP Attorney Atenas Burrola and Project Coordinator Kathryn Coiner-Collier discuss the plight of children representing themselves in immigration court in this The Economist article

LSSP Attorney Maureen Abell featured in Charlotte Observer article on local students arrested during Charlotte Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids amid national activity

LSSP Attorney Madison Hardee and consumer Lue Raven speak up for Medicaid expansion in N.C. to extend health insurance to state’s most vulnerable in Charlotte Observer article

LSSP and Starbucks bring Military Mondays free legal clinics to veterans, servicemembers and their families in Mecklenburg, Union and Cabarrus Counties

LSSP Attorney Robert Davis featured on Fox 46’s Good Day program about LSSP’s Military Mondays project at local Starbucks locations

Breast cancer patient and LSSP consumer speaks about illness and LSSP’s help during her case in Associated Press story

LSSP selected as nonprofit partner of Charlotte Ballet Dancing With the Stars of Charlotte celebrity Kobi Kennedy Brinson of Winston & Strawn LLP

LSSP navigators and staff featured in Health and Human Services 2016 Open Enrollment recap video

LSSP attorney Natalia Botella weighs in on eligibility changes for food stamps in Mecklenburg County in The Charlotte Observer article

Se acaba el plazo de inscripción abierta a Obamacare

Organizaciones preparan talleres ‘Conozca sus derechos’

LSSP Navigator Gelila Selassie featured in WJZY clip on Charlotte health insurance enrollment event

LSSP Navigator Julian Cernuda featured in Time Warner Cable News clip on Charlotte health insurance enrollment event

LSSP selected for AIDS United’s Southern REACH program again, aiding in the fight for social justice and an end to AIDS in the South

Tenth annual Wills on Wheels pro bono event highlighted in Mecklenburg County Bar News

LSSP staff attorney Madison Hardee highlighted by The Charlotte Observer as a Charlottean who made our community better in 2015 through her work to increase access to health care in Mecklenburg and beyond

N.C. must shine a light on domestic violence, op-ed in The Charlotte Observer

LSSP’s Wills on Wheels event marks 10 years of providing free simple wills and advance directives to local seniors

Thank you for making #GivingTuesdayCLT a success for LSSP and 100+  local nonprofits

HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell, LSSP Navigator Julieanne and consumers speak about Open Enrollment at enrollment site Headlines Barbershop

U.S. HHS Secretary Burwell visits LSSP enrollment sites and office in Charlotte to talk about health insurance enrollment efforts, via The Charlotte Observer

Judith, a local consumer assisted by a LSSP navigator, shares her success with marketplace health insurance coverage on HHS’ blog

During the holidays, hunger remains a reality for many; for some, N.C.’s hunger safety net may become hard to access

Local pro bono attorneys recognized by LSSP, LANC and CFCR at 2015 Pro Bono Awards

LSSP and partners prepare for third year of ACA health insurance enrollment, via The Charlotte Observer

NC Lawyers Weekly article on importance of pro bono work by Associate Justice Cheri Beasley, NC Supreme Court, including recognition of local attorneys who volunteered with LSSP’s Safe Child Immigrant Project

LSSP partners with local barber shop Headlines for second year in a row to host LSSP Health Insurance Navigator on site to assist with community enrollment

Pro Bono Awards winners featured in NC Philanthropy’s Nonprofit News Roundup

LSSP attorneys share why preserving the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program is critical to public service attorneys who rely on it to serve people in need of vital legal help

LSSP Safe Child Immigrant Project work helping immigrant children in the Charlotte area featured in Charlotte Observer

LSSP among NC Navigator Consortium awarded $2.6 million to enroll consumers in health insurance through the Affordable Care Act

North Carolina State Bar Journal features access to justice stories from LSSP and other NC legal aid providers in its Fall issue

LSSP & other local nonprofits responded to The Observer’s question, “What could you do with $900K?”

LSSP participates in Charlotte-wide initiative #SummerShareCLT July 13-26 to help local nonprofits meet the needs of our community

LSSP ED Ken Schorr remembers longtime Chief District Court Judge James Lanning’s work with legal aid

New Mecklenburg County Bar President Cory Hohnbaum speaks about the work LSSP, Legal Aid of North Carolina, Safe Alliance, Council for Children’s Rights and local attorneys are doing to increase access to justice for families, individuals and children in legal crisis

LSSP Executive Director Ken Schorr contributes in a piece by The Charlotte Observer Editorial Board on the Senate budget bill’s attempts to cut the N.C. Fair Housing Act and the state’s Human Relations Commission, which enforce and promote equal opportunity in housing, employment, public accommodations, and other areas

Diana, a consumer who came to a LSSP navigator to sign up for health insurance, was featured in several articles across the U.S. on the King v. Burwell decision, including this Citizen-Times Article

Kimberly, a local resident who signed up for health insurance through a LSSP navigator, was featured in The Charlotte Observer’s article on the King v. Burwell SCOTUS decision

Read an article on LSSP’s work with local attorneys to protect unaccompanied immigrant children through the Safe Child Immigrant Project in the June edition of the Mecklenburg County Bar News

Read an article in the summer edition of the North Carolina State Bar Journal on the pro bono work of committed young attorneys in N.C. who serve local nonprofits like LSSP and Legal Aid of North Carolina (p. 20)

Read a Meck Med article by LSSP attorney Madison Hardee covering the local success and collaboration of the 2015 ACA enrollment period (p. 8)

LSSP among organizations that signed on to Southern Hiv/Aids Strategy Initiative (SASI)’s letter to the Office of National AIDS Policy advocating for increased HIV prevention funding to hard hit areas.

Several dedicated pro bono attorneys who work with LSSP clients spoke about their pro bono work in this Charlotte Business Journal article

LSSP hosts enrollment event as deadline approaches, via Charlotte Observer

LSSP and LANC host N.C. Chief Justice at 2015 Justice for All Luncheon

LSSP staff featured in “Ayuda legal para los más necesitados,” via Hola Noticias

“Ensuring Equal Access to Justice” editorial by Charlotte Observer staff, featuring LSSP Justice for All Luncheon keynote

LSSP staff attorney contributes in Politico article “Child Immigrants Face New Crisis: Uneven Justice”

LSSP Navigator featured in TWC News segment on ACA Supreme Court case

LSSP Navigators and partners offer help for health insurance procrastinators – Charlotte Observer

LSSP staff and pro bono attorneys aid unaccompanied immigrant children – Charlotte Observer

Charlotte attorneys aid unaccompanied immigrant children – Lake Wylie Pilot

Reclaman a McCrory ampliación de Medicaid – Hola Noticias

LSSP Navigator consumer featured in Charlotte Observer story on looming ACA deadline

ACA enrollment grows in Mecklenburg County – Charlotte Observer

“¿Sin cobertura médica?” ACA LSSP Navigator coverage via Hola Noticias

For working poor in NC, income drop creates health care fear – NC Observer story features LSSP client

LSSP part of Charlotte group of nonprofits who raised $377,405 for national #GivingTuesday movement

Legal Services for veterans expands to Union County – Union County Weekly

LSSP Navigators offer health insurance assistance at Headlines Barber Shop, via WBTV

“Ofrecen jornada masiva de inscripción a Obamacare” – Hola Noticias

Charlotte Observer covers LSSP’s efforts to help Mecklenburg County residents sign up for health insurance through the ACA

Legal services for veterans expands to Cabarrus County – Independent Tribune

LSSP Navigator featured in Fox 46 segment on Affordable Care Act

A local resident’s enrollment in health insurance with the help of LSSP Navigators led to an early cancer diagnosis and a brighter future

Niños migrantes se reúnen con su madre en Charlotte (Immigrant children reunite with mother in Charlotte)

In N.C., more migrant children coming to public schools

Feds relocate 219 immigrant children to N.C. in August

LSSP receives Stewardship Award from N.C. Center for Nonprofits

Nace ‘Charlotte CAN’ para ayudar a niños centroamericanos (Launch of ‘Charlotte CAN’ to help Central American children)

LSSP joins Charlotte Compassion Action Network for Children to protect and provide assistance for immigrant children in Mecklenburg County

LSSP, with a coalition of civil rights organizations, urges Department of Justice to ensure that immigrant children are not discriminated against in enrolling in local public schools

Buscan traductores para ayudar en albergue para menores (Seeking translators to help shelter for minors)

Charlotte podría recibir hasta 2.000 niños centroamericanos (Charlotte could receive up to 2,000 Central American children)

Free legal help available to older Americans in the Charlotte area through LSSP’s Legal Services for the Elderly

Charlotte albergaría a niños inmigrantes (Charlotte to house immigrant children)

LSSP Navigators assist those who experience life changes and qualify for special enrollment periods

LSSP Navigators help ensure that those who qualify for insurance in the Charlotte area are able to confirm their immigration status to access health care

LSSP attorney Kasey Underwood speaks up for those who have lost their jobs by no fault of their own but are still waiting too long to receive critical unemployment benefits for them and their families in this Observer article

LSSP McMillan Fellow Daniel Melo featured in the Mecklenburg Bar News for his work with LSSP’s Immigrant Justice Program

Staff attorney Madison Hardee contributes to a Mecklenburg Medicine Magazine article on the health insurance marketplace enrollment period

LSSP Navigator Fara Soubouti reaches out to Charlotte-area Latino community about the importance of health insurance coverage

LSSP Executive Director Ken Schorr speaks to WBTV about end of health insurance marketplace open enrollment

LSSP attorney Madison Hardee speaks to Fox 46 about health insurance marketplace deadline

LSSP health insurance marketplace consumer speaks about her experience with a LSSP navigator at a Raleigh press conference

LSSP health insurance consumer shares her story as the open enrollment deadline approaches

N.C. public schools denying admission to immigrant kids, group charges – Fox News

LSSP joins civil rights group to ensure access to N.C. schools for immigrant children – USA TODAY

LSSP joins civil rights group to ensure access to N.C. schools for immigrant children – Public News Service

Complaint: Immigrant children turned away from N.C. schools – NBC News

LSSP joins civil rights group to ensure access to N.C. schools for immigrant children – Washington Times

LSSP and LANC among N.C. legal services providers who generated $48 million in economic benefits across the state in 2012, via UNC Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity report

En más distritos escolares denuncian discriminación – Qué Pasa-Mi Gente

Creative Loafing highlights the help LSSP Navigators offer to those looking to sign up for health insurance through the N.C. marketplace

LSSP featured in Hola Noticias encouraging local residents to learn more about their health insurance options with a local Navigator

More Mecklenburg Co. residents are successfully signing up for insurance through with the help of navigators, including several from LSSP’s staff

LSSP attorney Madison Hardee featured in Charlotte Business Journal Q&A on Medicaid expansion in N.C.

ABA Access to Justice Blog highlights LSSP & LANC #GivingTuesday video

WBTV recaps 11/12 Affordable Care Act Awareness Event at which LSSP navigators presented and spoke with local residents

Hola Noticias highlights LSSP navigator Fara Soubouti on local bilingual navigators

Community Link launches effort for veterans and their families; LSSP partners to provide legal services to veterans in legal crisis

LSSP grantor Women’s Impact Fund celebrates 10 years, $3.3 million in gifts to local nonprofits

LSSP participates in Be the Change project at Providence Day School in partnership with SHARE Charlotte to educate high school students on local poverty

LSSP Executive Director Ken Schorr contributed to a News & Observer article on the lack of access to legal representation in civil matters for many of N.C.’s poorest residents

LSSP Health Insurance Navigator Anand Dwivedi was interviewed for a WBTV News segment on ways local residents can access the healthcare marketplace while is under construction.

WSOC interviews LSSP attorney Madison Hardee on guidance offered by local healthcare Navigators and issues with new health insurance marketplace

LSSP attorney Madison Hardee asks for patience and offers guidance from local Navigators in a Charlotte Observer article

LSSP attorney Doug Sea featured in Observer article on future of Mecklenburg mental health services and MeckLINK Behavioral Healthcare

Charlotte Post features 2013 Pro Bono Award Winners on front page of 10/18 issue

Salisbury Post highlights work of LSSP’s Veteran’s Legal Services Project in local VA clinic

LSSP staff attorney and client contribute to Observer article on those who are left uninsured in N.C. due to the state’s decision not to expand Medicaid

Salisbury now offering legal clinics for veterans at W.G. Hefner VA Medical Center through LSSP/LANC

Charlotte Observer article features staff attorney Madison Hardee and LSSP client selecting a health insurance plan in the new marketplace on the 1st day of open enrollment

WBTV segment highlights help local Navigators can give to clients seeking to sign up through the new health insurance marketplace

WCNC segment explores where people can get help signing up in the new health insurance marketplace, including LSSP’s Navigators

News 14 segment highlights the beginning of open enrollment for the health insurance marketplace and those who are trained to help, including local Navigators

Staff attorney Madison Hardee contributes to Charlotte Observer article on Oct. 1 open enrollment for N.C. health insurance marketplace and LSSP’s role as local Navigator

Staff attorney Madison Hardee featured in WBTV segment on Oct. 1 open enrollment for N.C. health insurance marketplace and LSSP’s role as a local Navigator

LSSP, LANC and Council for Children’s Rights host 2013 Pro Bono Awards to honor local pro bono attorneys and advocates

Executive Director Ken Schorr’s letter to the editor published on Labor Day in response to Charlotte Observer article on safety net and welfare system for families in N.C.

Staff attorney Doug Seas’s letter to the editor published in response to Charlotte Observer article on welfare in N.C.

LSSP among N.C. nonprofits awarded the DHHS Navigator Grant, partnering locally with NC MedAssist to offer free, unbiased health insurance advice with implementation of ACA

Staff attorney Kasey Underwood featured in an Observer article on the backlog in N.C.’s unemployment office

Staff attorney Leah Kane featured as a guest on United Way’s TV show, Living United, on WTVI discussing the impact of the recent cuts to unemployment benefits in N.C. and how local agencies are working to help those affected

Staff attorney Madison Hardee’s letter to the editor published in response to Charlotte Observer article on health insurance subsidies in N.C.

Appeals court finds DHHS responsible for Medicaid contractor’s
compliance with the law

Justice for All Luncheon featured in Philanthropy Journal News

LSSP HIV/AIDS Legal Assistance Project one of 31 U.S. organizations to receive
grant from AIDS United

Article by LSSP program director Doug Sea on divorce and
public benefits published in NC Bar Family Forum
(see page 10)

2013 Justice for All Luncheon raises $60,000 for Access to Justice Campaign

LSSP attorneys Traci Massey and Gabriela Castillo featured in Hola Noticias Charlotte
for their work with immigrants through LSSP’s Immigrant Justice Program

LSSP Program Director Doug Sea featured in an article regarding MeckLINK’s efforts
to maintain control of Mecklenburg County mental health care services

LSSP attorneys Doug Sea and Madison Hardee’s op-ed on Medicaid expansion
in N.C. is featured in the Observer

LSSP Immigration Assistance Project highlighted by Creative Loafing

LSSP infographic on expanding Medicaid in North Carolina
LSSP infographic on the benefits of Medicaid in North Carolina

LSSP Program Director Doug Sea featured on the front page of the Charlotte Observer
in Mecklenburg County dispute over mental health care services

LSSP Executive Director Ken Schorr and Legal Aid of North Carolina-Charlotte
Senior Managing Attorney Ted Fillette were both featured in The Charlotte
Observer’s feature on leaders in the region who significantly contributed to
the well-being of the community in 2012

LSSP’s Veterans Legal Services Project featured in local news for Veteran’s Day:
Robert Davis on WBT
Ken Schorr on WBT

LSSP partners with Alston & Bird and Duke Energy for 2nd year of Wills for Schools,
providing free simple estate planning for more than 80 CMS employees

Wills for Schools highlighted by WBTV Charlotte

Office of Violence Against Women grant awarded to Mecklenburg County to establish
Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Center at Safe Alliance facility; LANC
and LSSP to serve on advisory board and contribute legal services

First annual Pro Bono Awards hosted by LSSP, LANC and Council for Children’s Rights

LSSP program director Doug Sea and clients attend DNC health care forum

Class action coordinated by LSSP’s Doug Sea reaches successful, procedure-changing resolution for Medicaid services

LSSP earns Women’s Impact Fund award for new veterans project

Free legal services in N.C. take big budget hit

Excerpt from December 2011 American College of Bankruptcy on LSSP