Jose - Safe Child Immigrant Project

Jose is a child LSSP met at immigration court. He showed up for his first hearing without a lawye, and without any idea of what was going to happen.

At 10 years old, he fled from El Salvador to this country to reunite with his mother and to escape a lifetime of violence there. Before he was even born, Jose’s life was threatened.

He is the product of rape and incest, and his mother’s rapist – her father – did not want the world to know what he had done. Throughout his first nine years, Jose, his mother, and his grandmother were continually threatened by his father’s family and local gangsters, to the point that his mother, his grandmother, and ultimately Jose himself had to flee.

Upon his arrival at the U.S border, he was detained, questioned, and ultimately released to his mother here in Charlotte.

Based on these events and more, Jose has a plausible claim for asylum, a way to ultimately be able to stay in this country legally.

But Jose and his mother cannot afford a lawyer – LSSP screened him for free. Asylum is an extremely complicated form of relief, one that practically any person, let alone a 10-year-old child, would not be able to do alone. And without being able to apply for asylum, Jose would most likely have to leave this country. Because of justice AmeriCorps and the Safe Child Immigrant Project at LSSP, Jose does not have to face this alone – he has LSSP, our representation, and our will to fight for him.