Jennifer - Health Insurance Marketplace Consumer

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Jennifer Molina, a 19-year-old Charlotte college student, works part-time to support herself while attending classes. Currently working in retail, her goal is to pursue a degree to become a nurse. But for the past year, Jennifer has been without health insurance.

“It was hard, because if I ever felt sick, I couldn’t go to the doctor,” Jennifer said. “If I had gotten in a car accident, it would have been bad because I would have been stuck with a hefty bill.”

When a relative told Jennifer about her experience with a Navigator at Legal Services of Southern Piedmont, she knew she could do it, too. She soon met with Fara, a LSSP Navigator, who guided her through the whole process, helped her when there were issues, and educated Jennifer about her health insurance options and responsibilities.

“To be honest, if it wasn’t for Fara, I probably wouldn’t have signed up myself because I thought it would be too hard,” Jennifer said. “I am thankful for Fara helping me out because I didn’t really know much about deductibles or the plans, and she walked me through it.”

Now Jennifer pays $21 a month for a Silver Plan and is relieved to be able to concentrate on her college classes again.

“I’m happy because, just in case anything happens, I’m covered. It’s a sense of security,” Jennifer said.