REACH OUT Expunctions

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 REACH OUT expunctions REACH OUT 4 REACH OUT 2 REACH OUT 5Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy partnered with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department in 2018 to break down the barriers to economic mobility and opportunity that come with having a criminal record by helping graduates of its REACH OUT program apply to get their records expunged. The collaborative effort of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Department, BYE LLC and Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice is a voluntary 20-week program that equips first-time arrest offenders with the resources and skills necessary to become successful adults as they complete court ordered community service hours in an educational environment designed to provide direction and support. In 2018 Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy assisted 25 of the program’s graduates as they move forward with a fresh start. We look forward to assisting more graduates in 2019!