Green Card Fiesta

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 Green Card Fiesta 120518 07 square Green Card Fiesta 120518 20 square Green Card Fiesta 120518 22 squareAfter years of waiting in a backlogged system, 20 of Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy’s immigration clients received their green cards to become legal permanent residents in the U.S. during 2018. These clients were some of the first cases Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy took from the surge of unaccompanied migrant children seeking asylum and protected immigration status from Central America in 2014 and 2015.

Without Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy, these children would not have had legal assistance to make their case for asylum, special immigrant juvenile status or other forms of relief they were entitled to receive.

To celebrate, Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy hosted a Green Card Fiesta in December for the children and their families, who have endured incredible circumstances to build a life in this country.

Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy is the only non-profit organization providing legal assistance and defense to children and low-income people in Charlotte’s Immigration Court, which serves all of North and South Carolina.
Without its services, only those who can afford an attorney would receive legal representation.
This victory is also a stark comparison to the current reality for thousands of children currently seeking relief at the U.S. border. Under current federal immigration enforcement, they will not see the same outcome, even though they have endured the same hardships and have the same valid claims for relief as these new green card recipients.
As a champion for those in need, Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy will continue to fight on their behalf in 2019 and beyond