Community Education: Know Your Rights

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In partnership with community groups, Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy hosted Know Your Rights community teach-ins in response to rapidly changing immigration policies in 2018. These efforts helped the community understand on how immigration policies at the national level are impacting Mecklenburg County residents, especially the controversial 287(g) program that defined this year’s election for Mecklenburg County Sheriff.

Detained by 287gCharlotte Center for Legal Advocacy is glad that Sheriff Gary McFadden began his first term by initiating the process to end the 287(g) program. Ending the program means Mecklenburg County will no longer assist federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in implementing federal immigration enforcement at the local level by targeting, arresting and holding residents living in our community without a legal immigration status.

Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy has long believed this policy has harmed our community over the last 12 years by undermining public safety, depriving individuals due process, wasting county resources, and exposing tax payers to possible legal settlements.

As the largest non-profit legal service provider practicing before the Charlotte Immigration Court, Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy continues to stand with our immigrant neighbors, advocating for inclusion and fairness under the law to ensure their safety, security and stability in our community.