Did you know that for every dollar spent at Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy, 89 cents goes toward client services?

Our Impact: Safety, Security, Stability

You can support us today and every day through the Access to Justice Campaign. Your gift enables us to provide critical services to people in crisis.

One third of Mecklenburg County residents are eligible to receive our services. Without legal representation in civil matters, thousands of families can lose financial security, health care, housing and opportunity.

Make a secure donation today to the Access to Justice Campaign, benefiting Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy and our partner in justice Legal Aid of North Carolina-Charlotte. You can also direct your gift to a particular program or to Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy’s general fund. Thank you for your support!


Charlotte Skyline ATJ You gave 525kThanks to your support, the Access to Justice campaign raised $525,000 in the 2017 fiscal year, a record high under the leadership of campaign chair Cory Hohnbaum, of King & Spaulding. This total blew past our year’s goal of $450,000. The Access to Justice campaign is the most reliable tool we have to ensure we continue to serve those facing crisis of safety, shelter, health or income when traditional funding sources, like the elimination of state funding this year, go away.

Your Leadership in Access to Justice Matters!

Thank you to those who have given more than $1,000 in support of Access to Justice this year:

J. Mitchell Aberman and Linda MacDonald

Stacy and Christopher Ackermann

Corby and James William Anderson

Julian M. Arronte

Blas P. Arroyo

James G. and Mary Lou Babb

Catherine and Jeffrey Barnes

David and Lyn Batty

Martin L. Brackett Jr.

A. Todd Brown

Eric L. Burk

Mark Busch

Mark and Kimberly Calloway

James and Joan Carroll

Jon P. Carroll

Marvin S. Cash

L. Cameron Caudle

Hobart Brian Cheyne

Judy Seldin Cohen

Steven N Cohen

Jay Conison

Peter and Anne Covington

Stephen Cox

Robert and Peggy Culbertson

Leslee K. Daugherty and Roger Gilmartin

Samuel Davis

Julian DuRant

Karen S. Eady-Williams

Julie Eiselt

Frank E. Emory

Jason and Mary Lindsay Evans

Douglas and Tere Ey

Leslie Fairbanks

Bill and Linda Farthing

Jonathan and Elizabeth Feit

John Fennebresque

Robert and Laurie Fisher

Timothy Fridley

Douglas Ghidina

Peter and Anne Gilchrist

John Gresham and Laurie Graybeal

Amanda L. Groves

John E. Grupp

J. George and Barbara M. Guise

Alton “Larry” Gwaltney, III

Robert Hahn and Alicia Burke

C. Wells Hall III

Christy Hancock

George and Deborah Hanna

Robert E. and Sharon Harrington

Gary S. Hemric

Rebecca S. Henderson and J. Michael Booe

Sally Higgins and Ray Owens

Edward and Dorothy Hinson

Cory and Katherine Hohnbaum

Christine and Trevor Hoke

Thomas and Sara Holderness

Katherine S. Holliday

Joy Hord and Patrick Cook

J. Trevor and Natalie Johnston

David Jones and E. Randall Morrow

Sean and Jackie Jones

Robert Kenny

Naho Koboyashi

Alan Kronovet

Bradley Kutrow and Jeanne Lindquist

Henry LaBrun

Stephen Luke Largess

Haynes and Elizabeth Lea

Jeffrey J. Lee

Amy Lefkof

Hal Levinson and Holly Hickman-Levinson

Francisco Linares and Ellen Rosaschi

Stephen Lynch

Harrison and Margaret Marshall Trust

William and Sloane Mayberry

Kelsey Mayo

Richard McDermott

John and Amy McDonald

Pender R. McElroy

Peter and Merrie McGrath

Richard McKnight

Kiran and Constance Mehta

Robert L. Mendenhall

Heloise Merrill

Mark and Lindsay Merritt

Lisa and Kenneth Miller

Thomas L. Mitchell and Susan Cole

Richard Moore

Raj Natarajan and Carter Arey-Natarajan

My Trung Ngo

Lara Simmons Nichols

Nancy Black Norelli

J. William and Susan Porter

J. Norfleet Pruden III and Cynthia G. Pruden

Robert H. Pryor

Alice Richey and David Pitser

Allen and Jennie Robertson

Charles McBrayer Sasser

Jason and Jennifer Schubert

Russell and Laurie Schwartz

Mike and Jessi Shaffer

Raleigh Shoemaker

Robert W. and Jen Simmons

Robert and Caroline Sink

Russell Sizemore

David Sobul

Bruce M. Steen

Paul and Julia Steffens

Kevin P. Stichter

W. Todd and Debbie Stillerman

John N. Suhr Jr.

Richard M. Thigpen

Louis A. Trosch and Minette Conrad

Cynthia L. Van Horne

Scott and LouAnn Vaughn

Richard W. Viola

H. Landis and Janet Wade

Christian Chad Warpula

Alexander and Mayleng Watson

Mary Allen Watson

Lyman G. Welton

John R. Wester

David B. Whelpley

Elizabeth and Brad Winer

Joshua J. Yablonski

William and Angela Zimmern

Don’t see your name on this list? Give today to make an impact and provide Access to Justice!

Each year we see an increased demand in services from our clients.

The financial support provided by YOU, along with contributions from individuals, law firms, companies and other organizations, gives low-income people in Charlotte access to the justice system that they otherwise would not be able to afford.

LSSP and Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC) are committed to serving the civil legal needs of the more than 87,000 adults and children living in poverty right here in our own community. Together, LSSP and LANC help families in need of assistance with legal issues such as domestic violence, denial of benefits, including Medicaid and Medicare, unsafe housing conditions, consumer fraud, and eviction and foreclosure.

Access to Justice HeaderThe Campaign

Since 1989 the Access to Justice Campaign has raised more than $4 million for legal services to low-income people from members of the Mecklenburg County Bar and community supporters. The joint campaign with Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC) is one of our major sources of revenue for our programs, giving both organizations the flexibility to direct funding to where it is needed most.

Justice For All

In the spring, the Access to Justice Campaign concludes with Justice for All, a celebration that began in 2007 to honor our supporters, clients and service to the community.

In 2012, LSSP and LANC continued the partnership and established a coordinated statewide Law Firm Division of the Access to Justice Campaign for law firms that are able to make institutional gifts.

Thank you to our 2016-17 Access to Justice Contributors and Firms participating in the Law Firm Division.

Why do LSSP and LANC raise money together?

LSSP and LANC have always been Partners in Justice.

From 1967 to 2002, LSSP and LANC were one organization working under the LSSP name. In 1996, Congress imposed service restrictions on organizations that received federal legal services funds. LSSP had been receiving these funds since 1975, but the organization was concerned about how these new restrictions would impact ongoing services to clients.

On July 1, 2002, LSSP reorganized into two agencies. One agency continued to work in the Charlotte area under the LSSP name, and LANC, a new statewide organization, was created. LSSP chose not to receive the federal funds after the transition, which allowed LSSP to continue providing some of the services that the funding would have restricted to low-income people in Charlotte.

The reorganization enabled both agencies to serve more low-income people in a wider variety of cases than they otherwise would have been able to do.

The reorganization and partnership make it possible to assist all groups of clients in Charlotte, especially immigrants, and to address civil legal problems affecting large numbers of low-income clients. For almost 50 years, legal help has been available for low-income people in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties who cannot afford to pay a private lawyer to represent them in civil cases.

How You Can Help

You can support Access to Justice Campaign at any point during the year.

Cash Gift: Make a one time or recurring gift through this website by clicking here or the Donate Now button at the top of the page.

Mail a gift: Access to Justice Campaign 1431 Elizabeth Avenue Charlotte, NC 28204

Stock: We accept stock donations through our FFTC funding.

Honorariums or Memorials: Consider making a gift to support Access to Justice in honor or in memorial of a co-worker, friend or family member.

Attend the Justice for All Luncheon: Held each year in the spring, the annual event is a highlight and celebration of our supporters and LSSP and LANC’s service to clients in our community.

Contact Brittney Reardon Coleman, Development Director, at 704-971-2588 to make a gift over the phone or for more information.