Consumers Beware During Hurricane Season

Consumer scams are common during and after natural disasters, like hurricanes.

As N.C. residents prepare for the threat of Hurricane Florence, we at Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy urge consumers to also be wary of potential scams as they ride out the storm.

Here are some tips from consumer attorney Ed Byron:

  1. Price gouging is illegal during a state of emergency in North Carolina.
    Charging unreasonably excessive prices for goods and services used to protect life and property in a state of emergency is prohibited in North Carolina. If you suspect a business is price gouging its customers, contact our office or the North Carolina Attorney General’s office right away.
  2. Do your homework on home work and charities!
    Do some research before hiring a contractor to repair storm damage or donating to a charity offering to aid disaster victims. Be sure your money is going to a reputable business or organization.
  3. Don’t ignore the red flags
    Avoid anyone using pushy, high pressure tactics to get your business or donation. If you are solicited at your home and pressured into entering into a contract for roof repair or tree removal for example, you may have the right to cancel for up to three days after you sign the contract.and finally,
  4. We are here to help!
    If you think you may have been the victim of a scam or have questions, please contact Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy. Contact us by phone at 704-376-1600.



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