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There’s No Place Like Home

When Debra Pickett’s husband, Gregory, passed away in 2011, she was devastated. She says she “didn’t know [her] head from [her] feet,” of that period. Through her grief, Pickett sought to move forward, getting used to life without her husband. Six months later, Pickett learned that the bank where her husband had previously set up …

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Navigating the Gap: Tim Messenger

 ***UPDATED Nov. 30, 2016*** When we first met Tim last spring, he was struggling in the Medicaid gap like 300,000 other N.C. residents. He had no income, and he couldn’t qualify for health care through Medicaid because he had no children or qualifying disabilities. Because he spent years without access to preventative care that could …

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Navigating the Medicaid Gap: Penelope

When Penelope Wingard was laid off from her job at a nonprofit after-school center in 2012, it was a major setback. Although her employer did not provide health benefits, her earnings had allowed her to sustain herself financially. As she began the daunting task of searching for a new job, she had no idea that …

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Memorial Day 2015

This Memorial Day, we celebrate the victory of a LSSP client, the widow of a WWII veteran, who was recently awarded the recognition that her husband’s sacrifice had honorably earned. Mr. Adams* was a WWII Army veteran when he married Mrs. Adams. Though he spoke very little about his time in the war, Mrs. Adams …

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LSSP health insurance marketplace consumers speak at 2/27/14 press conference

Several of LSSP’s health insurance marketplace consumers spoke at a February 27, 2014, health insurance marketplace press conference in Charlotte, N.C., about their experiences enrolling in health insurance with Legal Services of Southern Piedmont health insurance marketplace navigators. Kimberly Toyan Jennifer Busco

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Watch 3.25.14 Justice for All Luncheon client video

Meet the clients of Legal Services of Southern Piedmont and Legal Aid of North Carolina, Charlotte in the video that premiered at the 2014 Justice for All Luncheon on March 25th. Hear the stories of Margot, Greg and Sandra who faced legal issues that threatened to leave them institutionalized, homeless and vulnerable and who are …

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The Nowell Family

On his way back to college in April 2011, Grant Nowell suffered several gunshot wounds as the victim of a robbery. Despite his doctors’ expectations, he lived through the traumatic experience but was left in a vegetative state with an anoxic brain injury, requiring around-the-clock care in his everyday life. His father is a truck …

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