After the 2016 elections, LSSP Reaffirms Its Commitment

The 2016 Election results were surprising to many of us. In this time of transition, LSSP will continue the work we have done in Charlotte since 1967 – being a voice for the voiceless in the legal system, securing basic human needs, and advocating for policies that provide positive outcomes for all.
We hope that this new administration will make decisions after careful consideration of policies that shape our social safety net and protect our clients and the most vulnerable people in our community.
The newly elected president, Congress and our state government have presented a picture of sweeping reforms that, if enacted, would harm thousands of people in our community. Changes would impact the
  • Benefits to individuals accessing healthcare through Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act;
  • Financial stability for veterans and the low-income community through public benefits;
  • Security and stability of our immigrant communities; and
  • Affordability of housing.
The work we do to protect access to these programs and more is crucial to the vitality of our city, state and country now more than ever. Restricting or eliminating these programs would place more stress on the public resources that are already in high demand in Mecklenburg County.
We hope that policy makers at local, state and national levels will consider the severe impact their decisions could have on their constituents that Legal Services of Southern Piedmont serves every day.
People who seek our assistance have no right to an attorney in civil legal matters, even when basic human needs such as economic security and opportunity, family safety and stability, and access to healthcare are at stake. While meeting the needs for our clients may become more difficult in the coming years, we will continue to pursue justice for those in need.

Thank you for your continued support.
Ken Schorr
Executive Director
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